More than pets, your dogs are your life companions. This is even truer for those who view dogs as part of the family and there's no doubt that you would not want your family member to suffer from inconvenience to the point where it will affect their daily lives. Your dogs will surely be in constant exposure to varieties of danger, one of which that surely needs your attention is when it comes to fleas.

Flea Medicine for pets isn't the rarest topic in the industry. In fact, it's been so in demand that there are a lot of chemical-based options in the market that has proven themselves functional even with a bit of setback or flaws that are only minute as they can be. However, no matter how minute these problems or flaws are, exposing your beloved on chemical-based Advecta flea medicine for pets would surely be the worst decision you'll make. If you don't want this kind of approach, then you can go for natural-based, best flea treatment which you'll surely be the gentlest you'd want for your dog.

1.            Flea Collars

Collars are one of the most common accessories for dogs and with it, you can even incorporate flea-based treatment that will prevent your pet from getting pests attached to their body. However, most common flea collar is based on chemical treatment and seeing as you do not want that kind of thing, you can make your own treatment. Just buy a collar yourself and wick it with some renowned, natural treatments. You can mix geranium or cedar wood oil with vodka for cats and a mixture of vodka, rosemary oil, thyme oil and garlic oil for dogs.

2.            Use Apple Cider

Apple Cider Vinegar has become an exponentially helpful substance in various endeavors. It has been revealed that it can be used for varieties of purposes and can even be beneficial for the health of individuals. However, little do people know that it can work just as great with your pets. You can just mix apple cider vinegar with water and you'll instantly have a natural flea medicine for pets at which you can add to their coat for a layer of protection. You can either spray it when it comes to dogs or amiably comb it through your cats if they can't handle the spray method.

3.            Lemon

Lemon has been one of the most famous, yet also most unknown natural remedy or treatment for flea prevention. There are several people who use it themselves to prevent pests from getting a bite of their skin and this can go as wonderful as that when it comes to your pets. You can boil it and let it cool overnight before using it or even directly spread its contents to your pet - whatever suits you and your pet the most. Make sure that you apply it either by spraying or rubbing, and get the substance in all the areas where your dog can be prone to flea attacks. Be sure to visit this website at for more facts about fleas.